This section is used to prescribe medications.  Refer to the DrFirst Rcopia E-Prescribing Web Platform User Training Manual for details.

Caution:  Make sure your Rcopia ID is correct; otherwise, Rcopia displays the following message:

"An error SSO-305 has occurred, please contact your support team with the error message you are receiving for assistance."


To prescribe:

1.    Click the Medications tab.  The Medication page appears.

2.    If reconciliation is required, turn on the Medication Reconciliation Performed checkbox.

3.    To prescribe, choose Manage/Prescribe Meds.  The Sevocity Rx Prescribe window opens  in Rcopia, the third-party web-based prescription product.

If patient has no pharmacy chosen, you will be provided an opportunity to add pharmacy information.  Fill in the pharmacy search information and click Find. If found, one or more listings of pharmacies will appear.

4.    Click the pharmacy you want.  The next panel appears.

5.    Either choose from Favorites and click Use. The prescription is added to the "Pending prescriptions for this patient" list.

Or, type in the drug name in the Name field and click Find, a list of dosage appears. Choose the dosage. The Enter Details panel appears.

6.    Complete the entries and click Continue.  The Review Prescription panel appears.

7.    To add other prescriptions, choose OK to display "Pending prescriptions for this patient."  Repeat steps 4 and 5, above.

8.    When ready to finalize, input the Signature Password.

9.    Click Send, Send and Print, Print without sending, or Sign without sending.